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Waterman Irrigation services local goverment and the agricultural industry with effective and cost efficient and water supply solutions.

With irrigation being responsible for 70% of Australia's water consumption, it is imperative that goverment and industry control their water consumption responsibly and maintain a sustainable water policy.
Watermabn Irrigation came up with a smarter solution,the smart park control system.

Smartpark irrigation control provides local councils and farmers with automated water management solutions that eliminate water wastage, increase efficiency and produce more yield per litre of water usage.
Simplicity and quality are key to the business' success. Waterman Irrigation is proud to invest substantial resources and time into research and development. In-house innovation and forward thinking design has led to the development of controllers that can monitor irrigation systems remotely through mobile technology.
Joint developments are also underway in creating intelligent farms where production is guided throughout the growing cycle using the latest in monitoring and control technologies.

Just one of the many ways that Waterman Irrigation can improve your watering systems.

Waterman irrigation products image